Port of Gdańsk


We are the largest and most versatile transshipment operator in Polish seaports.

Port Gdański Eksploatacja S.A. is a port operator company rendering services in reloading of goods in international trade, between maritime and inland (ship, barge) and land means of transport (cars, wagons).

5 km Wharves

They are located along the entrance to the internal Gdańsk Port, at the intersection of the main communication routes.

Communication Hub

Convenient location and extensive road and rail infrastructure enable efficient transport of goods.

Quality Certificates

ISO 9001:2008, GMP+B3 and ISPS certificates are a guarantee of high quality and safety of our services.

Our offer

Port of Gdańsk


We have 8 quays with a total operating length of 5 km located along the mouth of the Martwa Wisła river.

We have convenient access to the A1 Motorway, as well as the S7 and S6 roads. Two railway stations also enable efficient handling of goods in rail transportation. Click on the button below to learn more about the detailed technical conditions of each quay.

Port of Gdańsk

Goods and Services

As the most universal transshipment operator in Polish seaports, we offer a wide range of supported cargo groups and services.

We handle commodities such as coal and coke, steel and steel products, scrap metal, structures, machinery, automobiles, fertilizers, and many others. To learn more, click on the button below.