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About The Company

Port of Gdansk Cargo S.A. (i.e. Joint Stock Company)

was established in 1991 as a result of proprietary transformationns within a state-owned enterprise – Gdansk Commercial Sea Port. In the present shape, Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics has been acting since 2000, being the largest stowage enterprise among all Polish sea ports. The majority of shares (98,28%) of Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics S.A. is owned by Port of Gdansk Authority Co. Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics S.A. is a major cargo operator at the Port of Gdansk in the part of inner port, which extends along the Dead Vistula and Port Channel . Our company is an exlusive operator of the Gdansk Container Terminal. Our company employs almost 600 people and is engaged in handling of goods occurring on the Polish cargo market in Polish ports. Cargo operations are carried out at 8 quays: WOC I, WOC II, Oliwskie, Wislane, Szczecinskie, Weglowe , Rudowe and Administracyjne.

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