port gdański eksploatacja

Our services

1. Handling services between sea means of transport and/ or inland means of transport, following cargo:

– coal, coke,

– dry bulk cargo as clinker brick, expanded clay aggregate, dolomite, feldspar and bentonite,

– row sugar in bulk, grain, seeds and biomass in bulk,

– steel products as profiles, sheet piles, bars, rails, wire rods, billets, blooms, slabs, rolled oils, rolled sheets and strips, tubes, welded mashes,

– scrap (feedstock scrap-metal, not oiled, not radioactive),

– constructions, oversize sections, project cargo, vehicles, building and road construction machineries and modular houses,

– containers on Szczecińskie quay (THC services are sold by GTK SA – Gdansk Container Terminal SA– www.gtk-sa.pl ),

– unitized cargo in big bags, pallets and crates,

– cars, trucks.

2. Lashing and securing of cargo in land and sea means of transport;

3. Warehousing, various manipulations of goods including sorting, repacking and labelling;

4. Supply of dunnage and lashing materials;

5. Mooring services;

6. Consulting services regarding operation and securing of cargo in land and sea means of transport;